Bedford’s Prayer-Led Church of the Nazarene

With the support of a community of believers, you have the ability to cultivate a life-changing relationship with Christ. At Bedford Church Nazarene, our community believes in the power of God in our lives and in yours. By combining in-person and online services with weekly Bible study groups, the Church of the Nazarene is focused on bringing together those who yearn for a deeper relationship with our Lord. By committing to the sanctity of communion, we hope to serve the community of Bedford, PA, by strengthening the bond you feel with our church family and your Lord and Savior.

Persons hands praying next to bible

ZOOM and Facebook Live Online Services

While we believe in the power of in-person worship services, these types of gatherings aren’t feasible for everyone. Whether you’re dealing with chronic illness or are taking care of a loved one, you should still be able to gather with our community and worship God. Through Facebook Live, we stream our weekly Sunday services. Through this platform, you can communicate with other online parishioners and speak with a member of our online campus team. Leave your name and email address on a prayer request form and be prepared for our weekly Facebook Live service at 9:00 a.m.

Weekly Bible Study Groups

The Bible is our guide on how to live a Christ-focused life in today’s world. Because of this, the Church of the Nazarene believes in consistent and thorough study of the text. Through weekly Bible study groups that range from beginner’s courses to men’s and women’s groups, our church staff will help you find a study community that’s right for you. At Bedford Church Nazarene, we believe that our weekly worship services are only made better by the relationships you make while studying the Bible in these small groups.

People Praying over bibles
Hands praying over bible

Emphasis on Communion

Communion is a time of solemn contemplation that focuses on the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins. By partaking of the emblems, wine and bread, the Church of the Nazarene hopes to show the magnanimity of Jesus’s body and blood. Our church community believes that communion should be unique for everyone, either as a time of joy or a reflection on the weight of the salvation we have through Christ.

Contact Us Today

If you’re a resident of Bedford County or the surrounding areas and want to invest in your relationship with God, reach out to a staff member at Bedford Church Nazarene. By creating a supportive community that focuses on the love and compassion of Christ, we hope to come alongside you through every season of life. Call our Church of the Nazarene today to be assisted by a compassionate member of our church community.

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